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The Sobriety Stone

If you've ever been to Yoga Beach House you will see lots of crystals placed in various places around the studio and home, to protect, calm, energise and support our practices.  Did you know that there is a crystal that can help you in your choice to be sober?

Teacher Training at Yoga Beach House

I've just emerged from running the first TTC at Yoga Beach House as the lead trainer, an experience that has plunged me deeper into my yogic lifestyle and transformed the lives of 8 other yogis. For a few years I asked myself the question, should I run a TTC as I started to have a number of students ask me about becoming teachers.

The Way In

The voice is relentless, the pain is deep, the anxiety real.
The wound open and raw.
My heart exposed and open for all to see, beating out of my chest.
I can feel my throat tighten with each passing thought.


She decided to love her two halves as a whole,
Accepted and nurtured as one.
As her light shone out of her darkest secrets, 
Exposed they were no longer shunned. 

The Law of Abundance

“I’m fed up,” said Head “I never seem to have enough, if only I could have more then I’d be happy…..”

“Dear Head, you have everything you will ever need!” replied Heart. “ In fact, you have so much that if you gave some of it away, you’d get more back!”

Back To Basics

I have to admit I get tempted to join the debate or the argument and spend time labouring my point, my ideas and my ideals. I feel the anger building in my chest at controversial news articles, I want to stand up for what I believe yoga to be and to quash dumbfounded statements. And then, I meditate. 


As I delve deeper into my self I begin to experience a new found freedom,
My faces fall away, the pretence, the hiding, the “love me”, the “I’m not good enough.”
I stand exposed in my own brilliance
Unafraid to shine.


This miracle drug is available to everyone without prescription, and it is free of charge. You can’t overdose on it, in fact the more of it you take the better your life becomes. Meditation is my medication, no less than 5 minutes daily for an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.


Depression. Feelings of despair, great sadness, worthlessness, a label that has become ubiquitous. Is this a product of the consumer-driven society fueled by images of perfection? Why does anyone need to suffer trying to live up to this imagined ideal?