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Nice girls do not listen to their intuition

Your husband says something that winds you up but you don’t respond because you don’t want to cause an argument. Your boss belittles you for something you didn’t do but you don’t stand up for yourself because you don’t know how to without getting into trouble with him. Your Mother says something so outrageous you feel yourself seething inside but you don’t say anything to her because you want to keep the peace. Your intuition is telling you something but you dismiss it and don’t do as it says. Sounds like you?  Read on. 

The Purple Cloak

Until recently I have been extremely affected by other people’s emotions.  The purple cloak is the answer. If someone came to class and they were unhappy or elated I would feel it. Often I would finish teaching and either go off into a corner and cry or I’d feel too elated and wired.  I then learnt about how to protect myself from other people’s energies.