New Moon Self Care Ritual for February

New Moon Self Care Ritual for February

This new moon falls on the 15th February at 22h05 (+1hrGMT) in Aquarius, the water bearer.  Aquarius is the innovator and helps us to break down traditional perhaps outdated ways of thinking so that we can navigate and create new patterns of existence. The solar eclipse takes place at 21h51 (and so not visible in Europe) almost at the same time as the new moon.  This solar eclipse is the climax of the lunar eclipse that took place two weeks ago.  We have been experiencing a period of waiting and great healing enabling us with the space to birth the new.  

We are currently in the black of the moon, the period of time before the new moon. Paramatma Siri Sadhana  describes this time as one of immense healing, if we can sit with the uncomfortableness we have an opportunity for great healing.  She says "that opportunities will come in with this eclipse so we need to feel anything that is coming up so that we can move forward into expanded fields of resonance."

To take advantage of these energies why not try this short ritual, it is best to do this between February 14th and 15th when the energy is at it's most transformative.

You will need a pen and two sheets of paper, a candle, an insence stick or some sage.  You will also need some items to create an altar for yourself, choose things that represent all that you are welcoming in during this new phase of the moon.  

Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably.

Take a moment to breathe and connect to your higher self. Breathe in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 6. Allow your breath to infuse your being.  When you are ready open your eyes.  Light your candle and insence stick or sage and use it to cleanse your energy field by waving it around your body for a few moments. 

Take your pen and first sheet of paper.  Begin by writing down all that you have sat with over the past 2 weeks, all that has come up, all that has been or is being healed since you last checked in with yourself.   See if you can recognise the changes that are occuring, the energy that is shifting and the spaces that are opening up within you.  Honour these shifts.  Acknowledge the deep healing work that you are doing for yourself.  Offer deep gratitude to yourself and to your healing.  

When you feel you have written all you need to take your second piece of paper.  Close your eyes for a moment and allow the breath to infuse your being once more, breathe deeply.  Begin by asking yourself -

  • What new opportunities are being presented to me at this time?

  • How can I integrate any new information that I have received about myself or my life into my current intentions for 2018?

  • Am I manifesting all that I can in order to serve my higher self to it's fullest potential and in doing so serving others?

  • How can I serve myself more effectively?

  • How can I serve others more effectively?

Allow these questions to help you to formulate your intentions for the coming month.  

You can end your ritual by creating your altar to call in the energies that you wish to enhance during this new moon.  Begin by placing your first items into the East of your circle and then continue placing items in a clockwise manner until you come back to the East of your circle.  You can use crystals, shells, candles, photos, pictures, flowers, feathers, anything that speaks to you about your new moon intentions and the energies that you are calling forth.  

You can burn your first piece of paper as you focus on letting go and healing and you can place your second piece of paper onto your altar.  Thank yourself and your higher power for guiding you today and every day.  Continue to come back to your intentions and your altar daily to infuse the energy and opening fully into your life.

Enjoy the powerful new moon magic!


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