Full Moon Self Care Ritual - Rise Up to Transcend

Full Moon Self Care Ritual - Rise Up to Transcend

The next full moon falls on the 29th May 16.19 at 8 degrees Sagitarius. As always with a full moon we are illuminated but even more so this month with aspects of good fortune, wisdom and an optimistic outlook on the horizon.  

Pat Liles shares

"Let the Sagittarius Full Moon help shift you into a positive frame of mind.  We can use a boost after the mid-May New Moon intensity.  

Fiery Sagittarius on the other hand seeks peace of mind by finding meaning, purpose and understanding of life.  When Sagittarius begins the dive into a deeper relationship with Spirit through listening (meditation/prayer) and communicating their TRUTH they find the far horizons and adventure they seek.  Here’s where their strong intuition is such an asset, and when they learn to trust it, it frees the overactive mind from creating a bog of anxious worry.

Jupiter is the ruler of Full Moon here and is retrograde in Scorpio pointing us to inner frontiers for the growth and expansion Jupiter facilitates wherever it goes.  In Scorpio, we become ever sharper and more aware of our psychological inner workings and hidden power struggles that seem to be rising from the depths like lava from a volcano.  Jupiter is our ally in transformation at deep emotional levels now.  Your closet of beliefs and ancient fears are in process of clean out. Tune in to and probe deeply the patterns and triggers that surface now with Jupiter at 15º ~ the most powerful degree for a power sign.  By November, Jupiter moves on to Sagittarius on its way to meeting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in 2020, so now is the perfect time for healing work.

Not to say there aren’t stressful aspects that need finesse and skillful handling, but like many of the recent Moon charts this year, they are almost two-layered with plenty of tension and adjustment, even crisis displayed, but also a layer of ease and helpful support for lifting, embracing and strengthening our evolving consciousness.  Which layer are you choosing?  The astrological influences are supporting us for the massive growth work that has manifested over the recent decades.  We are more powerful and awake than we have ever been."  Read more here

Here is a short ritual to help you rise up and transcend.

It is best to do this during or around the full moon but no more than 72 hours later as the moon energy is at it's most transformative during this period.  Spend some time in the moonlight if you can, connecting to her energy and light before beginning the ritual.  You could even complete the ritual under the moonlight if warm enough. 

You will need a pen and two sheets of paper, a candle, an insense stick or some sage. 

Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably.  

Take a moment to connect to your breath and the present moment. Breathe in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 6 for a few rounds with your eyes closed. Light your candle and then use the insence or sage to cleanse yourself and your space.  

Take your paper and answer these questions -

  • What am I hiding from, refusing to look at in my life?
  • Where am I holding myself back? 
  • What is triggering me and how can I look behind the trigger to transcend?
  • What old structures/beliefs do I need to deconstruct in order to rise up?
  • Where can I rise to the challenge?
  • Am I willing to accept this shift towards positive frame of mind and if not why not?

Take time to allow the messages to come to you, don't force, let your heart speak.  As you write perhaps bring to mind any objects that you would like to include on your altar to represent the release so that you can move forward and rise. 

Now take your second piece of paper and answer these questions -

  • What is the message that informs my life?
  • How can I share my message in the most influential way?
  • Am I using my creative fire to the greatest of my ability?

Take time again for the thoughts to flow, the messages to come. Do not be afraid to go into the darkness, we are supported at this time to really go deep and enable transcendence. Go deep. 

Once you have finished spend some time reconnecting to your breath.  Repeat the breathing exercise.

Take your papers and put them in a sacred space, you can create your altar with the objects that came to mind in the first exercise.  Begin to place items in the East and move in a clockwise direction.  When you place each item state clearly what you are releasing with it. Interact daily with your altar as you release and heal from all that does not serve you anymore.  Be sure to remind yourself frequently how you are embodying the sovereignty that you harnessed during this full moon.  

Blessings and love, rise up and bloom this full flower moon!



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