All in Sobriety

How to break free from negative thoughts & habits

This month I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Che Dyer about patterns of behaviour and thoughts for her Members Area which aims to provide it's subscribers with the inspiration to get moving, creating, soul searching and connecting. Having spoken with her I thought it would be helpful to provide a sguide on how to break free from the patterns that we find ourselves slaves to. 

Keeping #YogaSober

Dear Yoga Teacher,

I’ve got something I need to say to you and I’m going to sound like a party pooper.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t remember reading anywhere in the Bhagavad Gita that a fine glass of Merlot goes down well after a challenging Vinyasa class and I don’t think Patanjali was ever found to be swigging on a beer during practice.

Sober Curious? 4 Tips to Help you Maintain your Sobriety this Christmas.

It's coming up to that time of year when anything goes because it's Christmas. At the height of my addiction I would go on a month long drinking binge, December was a blur of parties and alcohol, I loved the excuse that Christmas gave me to drink.  I can't remember how many times I tricked myself into drinking another bottle of wine "because it's Christmas." I've been sober since 28th December 2016 and today I wanted to share with you how you too can maintain your sobriety even during the festive season.

    All I want for Christmas is Consciousness

    Last year I had an over indulgent Christmas.  I worked hard all year and then spent my holidays spending money, drinking alcohol and eating chocolate, brainwashed by the madness that surrounds Christmas. This led to my second burnout of my career and I was in bed unable to do anything for 2 months.  Looking back I am grateful that I suffered this burnout because I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol

    The Sobriety Stone

    If you've ever been to Yoga Beach House you will see lots of crystals placed in various places around the studio and home, to protect, calm, energise and support our practices.  Did you know that there is a crystal that can help you in your choice to be sober?

    Alcohol. Friend or Foe?

    Alcohol. What do you think about it? Is it a harmless even healthy addition to a meal, it helps you to relax and socialise or is it addictive, deadly and more dangerous than crack cocaine?  For me it will always be the latter.

    My Sobriety

    Before finding my true calling I lived in a party lifestyle in London, I consumed copious amounts of alcohol and participated in occasional drug use. At first it was fun but it quickly became a coping strategy and a way for me to survive my own life.


    This miracle drug is available to everyone without prescription, and it is free of charge. You can’t overdose on it, in fact the more of it you take the better your life becomes. Meditation is my medication, no less than 5 minutes daily for an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.