A love poem to my heart

Your brilliance shines forth like a lighthouse guiding ships home,
Sparkling, shining, bright and true.
The brighter you shine, the more beautiful you become,
Radiant, beaming and full of life,
Powerful, magnificent, with limitless possibilities.
Joyful, emanating love and acceptance,
Contentment and calm. 
Elegant and graceful,
Perfectly imperfect, flawlessly flawed.
Fully present to yourself, to your darkness and your light.
Abundant, bountiful, generous to a fault, 
Giving naturally, service as an act of love.
Glowing, burning brightly, encouraging others to shine,
Nurturing, caring and supporting with ease.
Your presence leading others to seek their own light,
Shining without faltering, believing in your own beautiful existence.
A child of our Universe, forever innocent, full of wonder and awe.
I love you. 

The Black Dog

Being your Mama