Yoga for Surfers

Yoga for Surfers

It's a well known fact that yoga can help with many things in life, but did you know that it can help you to catch a wave? Yoga has the capacity to change the way that you surf, there are specific yoga poses that can improve your surfing experience and obtain physical benefits such as -

1) an increase in your flexibility

2) an increase in your stamina

3) an increase in your strength and power

4) an increase in your lung capacity

These physical benefits can help you to become a better surfer, you begin to see a change after you first start to practice yoga.

There are mental benefits too -

1) you become more confident

2) you become more stable

3) you have a higher level of endurance

4) you become more aware of your body

5) you become more focused and in tune

6) you develop a higher energy level

More and more pro surfers such are taking up yoga to help them combat the waves and improve their overall performance and stamina in the water, yoga and surfing go hand in hand. Big wave surfer Greg Long says that “Yoga is a huge part of my physical regimen from a flexibility standpoint.” Long also talks about the mental benefits of yoga, something big wave surfers tend to focus on to help them deal with hold downs and violent thrashings underwater. He also credits the ability to tune into nature to enhance his immersion in the moment to yoga and, as he puts it, “to be able to go into that total state of peace and relaxation.” Kelly Slater also talks about harnessing his mind, "My best performances happened because my mind was in the right place. The mind is definitely stronger than the body." Again this is where yoga comes in, the practice of yoga enabling you to control your mind.

So practicing yoga during the winter months when there is not much surfing to be done really helps you to maintain your flexibilty, strength, stamina and connection to nature so that when the sun comes back out again you will be ready to get back on top of the world!

Be easy on yourself

Be easy on yourself